Aalto EE kutsuu webinaariin Virtual Teamwork & Leadership

Aalto EE kutsuu Suomen Liikemiesyhdistyksen jäsenet webinaarisarjaan ”Leading in Extraordinary Times”. Toukokuussa sarjasta on tulossa kolme webinaaria. Webinaarit ovat englanniksi. Linkki ilmoittautumiseen löytyy alta.

Extraordinary times call for visionary leadership. Aalto EE is committed to supporting your way through these demanding times and helping you to become even stronger and more resilient in the process.

Aalto EE is offering us a free webinar series where experts from Aalto University and Aalto EE address the challenges and opportunities that now arise within organizations.

Virtual Teamwork & Leadership
Time: May 7 at 9.00-10.00 am UTC+3

We have a lot of research knowledge that advises how to lead and work effectively in virtual teams says Niina Nurmi, Professor, International Design Business Management, Director of IDBM Master’s program, Aalto University. In the webinar, she opens the 3 overarching challenges and gives tips to them:

1. While many of us have experience working remotely, not everyone has the same skills, comfort, or access to use technology.

2. Team dynamics are more fragile to manage across distance and uncertainty may afflict trust when we don’t meet face-to-face.

3. Leading virtual teams may feel like “leading in the dark” as distance prevents you from seeing how your team members are really doing.